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It was never suggested the Preservers (or Progenotors, or Seeders) were the first intelligent life in the universe. They came from the rimward end of the Orion arm, found themselves alone, at least there, and spread life in the Milky Way Galaxy.

There was certainly more intelligent life when they lived, there were threaths from at least one other galaxy, this is why the Preservers/Progenitors/Seeders placed the Aegis barrier around our galaxy (at least, that is one version). No small feat I would say.

So maybe other lifeforms originated from outside our galaxy, or they evolved less than the odd 2 billion years ago independently.

Most about them can be found on Memory Beta (of course)

In fact, the Preservers apparently came after the 'Seeders', and wether these are the same species is unknown. The Seeders seeded life, the Preservers preserve it. The Seeders might not even have been humanoid, and they might have created the Preservers and died out a long time ago. The Preservers have been active up to 18.000 BC, popping up in history to interfere with events that threathened humanoid species. It seems (with what STO added to this) that the Preservers exist in cryogenic sleep in several locations, being awoken by certain events, and dissapearing again into cryogenic sleep after they have corrected matters.

Speaking for the Deferi , we believe the Preservers guard the development of humanoid species for a reason, that there is a master plan or destination, set many millions of years ago, a path the evolution is meant to lead to. The Preservers were introduced to safeguard that plan, something that was neccesary once the Seeders found out there was interference from species outside our Galaxy (and outside their plans or influence). But that is not even non-canon lore anymore :-)

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