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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Yes, there is: Torpedoes are independent of Weapon Power.
Torpedoes are indeed terrible on Ships that run 125 Weapon Power like Escorts, but they're a much more viable choice on Ships that run lower Weapon Power like SVs.

The current system keeps both Energy and Kinetic Weapons relevant in different scenarii, if Cryptic buffs Torpedoes such that they eclipse Energy Weapons, we'll use them allright... at the exclusion of Energy Weapons.
Hence why torp boats can be nasty as hell, since they can drain all the energy you normally see used in weapons and put it somewhere else. Dumbest build I ever saw that was actually hilariously effective was as follows:

Me: Tac Captain, Qin heavy Raptor

Odyssey Sci Cruiser
Engi Captain

Fore Weapons:
3x transphasic rapid fire torp launcher
1x transphasic cluster torp
Clone on aft

Breen Set for Shield Deflector and Engine

Tac: Chev Sep, Transphasic Compressor mk XII (very rare)
Engi: RCS accelerator mk XII (rare)x2, Neutronium Alloy mk XI (rare)x2
Sci: Field Generator mk XI (rare)x4

BOff, and DOff he never told me. But I figure it was mostly proj weapons officers, probably all purple based on how often those blasted torps were firing. Probably the borg ones lol.. Anyways, what he did was burn in with high yield or ts going and he would unload a massive opening salvo, then divert all power to shields and engines, and with his rcs and roughly 100 engine power he was moving well, and would chev sep when I got around to one of his sides for even more maneuverability. Long story short, a few tbs and hys later, we called it a day since he kept on getting me.

But after that, I asked him how he had his power set up most of the time, since I know torps don't require energy. His two setups he swapped between:

25/75/75/25 (for when he was at full health and shields and we were fighting) and 25/75/25/75 (for when I actually got his shields down and was hammering hull). He also occasionally did 25/100/50/25, but that was only when I got some HUGE spike damage.

So after that, I don't really think torps need a boost OR any incentive to use them. I've had some armitage captains that run full torps, or 3 torps and a DBB. They do the BO3 with DBB to nuke the shields down and then unload THY or TS onto the then exposed hull. Or more accurately they fire off the torps and then use the BO a split second before the torps are going to hit.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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