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Actually if you were to try this you would find it's quite effective dropping 2 torps at a time in an escorts face, and one of the reasons I suggested a 4 beam broadside WAS the power drain from 6 also you'll get a little more damage out of your cycling EPtWs with 4 over 6
If you just use 4 Beam array to boardside, why do you bother flying a crusier at all?
Use a Science ship which has much more maneuverbility, and nearly as much survivability. Plus it is much more fun to fly a science ship, if you don't utilize a cruisers only advantage.

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Not really, I think your galaxy would beat my Oddy when it comes to damage sponging and that's damn hard to kill
Becuse we where both falling asleep while waiting for one of our ships doing some damage?
Cruiser Cruiser Battles are the most boring and dull things one can do in this game.
None has nearly enough firepower to seriously damage the other. It's pointless.

If your Odyssey claas would have similar BOFF powers and similar equipment, it could be much more active. I'm not talking about tanking capabilities. (Every Starfleet ship can tank very well with the right BOFF powers and equipment.) No, i am talking about making the least offensive ship in the game (the Galaxy) a bit more versatile and more active.
By changing its Lt. Sci and Ensign eng. into a Lt and Ensign universal or even lt. cmdr universal.

For example:
If someone thinks the upcoming mission needs a more tanky ship then he/she can use a sci or eng BOFF in one of the universal slots or a combination of them.
If the next mission needs a more agressive approach then i would choose a Tac officer in that place.
My point is to give the captin of the Galaxy Class the CHOICE to choose what he/she wants or needs. The Galaxy class could become a very versatile and fun ship, instead of being the most boring and just a fan ship in STO. It would give Galaxy Class captains much more options.

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
In fact I do know the ship, I know it pretty damned well actually my idea of using a DBB with Beam overload was an attempt to replicate that kind of firepower, ok so it'll only work in a 90 degree angle of the frint of your ship but on a ship that size 90 degs is still a large area.
In my opinion, it's a waste of a weapons slot, you won't be able to get the enemy into the fireing arc long enough to actually benefit from the DBB. Surely you will get to fire it once in a while but not as much for it to become decisive.

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
All the escorts I've fought have also known exactly where to find the fire button but if you put enough holes in them they are forced to break combat, I find all my ships to be more effective in PvP than in PvE and a battery and other assorted buff powered DBB beam overload is going to quickly put such holes in an escort, also with warp plasma on the back combined with dual torp launchers combined with the ships built in ability to tank makes you a meal that really isn't worth the effort to have.
You shouldn't forget that Torpedoes only do real damage if the enemies shield is down. But since you are so positive about having two torpedo launcers in the aft weapons slot, i would be the last to talk you out of it.

So you think the Galaxy class has enough offensive capabilities already?
Especially COMPARED to other ships?

Thank you for reading.
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