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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
If it's CPU limited it's a gross mis-coding of the entire game system. It's killing FPS on high-end systems that can process a heckuva lot more than that.

I run an Intel i7 with 8 cores, 24 GB RAM, and a 2GB AMD 6970 video card. The game isn't bottlenecking my CPU. It surely isn't my video card. I have more than enough RAM.

It's faulty code somewhere. I don't know if it's running a recursive loop or what. I'll definitely have to check memory usage, CPU usage, and video RAM usage next time I load up STO. I'll compare both on "assignments" tab and "roster" tab.
Speaking of tests I just did one to check, with 213 doffs listed out in sector space game maxed out, sitting out in eta eridani just at the fed fleet base entrance and 3 other ships in view. (cept bloom ofc thats always at 100%).

  • Closed: 100
  • Open: 23
CPU usage
  • Closed: 20%
  • Open: 10%
GPU usage
  • Closed: 61%
  • Open: 16%

Vram idles 642 MB either/or and Ram (32GB slotted) stays the same a 19%

So with that, something is definitely going on. my full system specs are listed in my sig.
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