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10-05-2012, 01:27 PM
Unfortunately your theory is wrong.

This is what [Dmg] does:
It adds a fixed amount of damage to each hit.
The exact amount is depending on weapon type.
- For Beam Arrays: 5
- For Dual Beam Banks: 6.5
- For Single Cannons: 3.6
- For Dual Cannons: 4.35
- For Dual Heavy Cannons: 8.7
- For Turrets: 2.25
This damage is NOT modified by mark or rarity.
This damage IS modified by weapon power setting.
This damage is NOT modified by +damage% from abilities, consoles or other equipment.
It is NOT base-damage, it is basically a 100% proc!

[Dmg] is a very good mod at early marks.
It is not such a good mod at admiral levels.
I've tested it, it works excactly as described.
This might not be working as intended though.

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