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10-05-2012, 02:05 PM
Look, you lot, STOP IT! enough is enough and this has nothing to do with Star trek or STO!

Now lets get back on topic here. Cruisers don't have the same firepower of escorts and YES they can tank but I think we do need to up them a little, not by much but certainly a bit, Just to close down the gap produced by the changing of content focus and the non enhancement of cruisers an sci ships to compensate.

If anything we as engineers are complaining about our ships not being up to much; lets look at our poor science colleges they're in even worse condition, take an escort into a STF and it'll destroy everything before anything has a chance to do anything, take a cruiser into an STF and it can tank to the point of taking no damage. Sci ships don't have these luxuries, they can't keep up with the damage of cruisers and the devs made most of their skills either effectual to NPCs or just ineffectual.

So lets stop bashing each other, lets stop having a go at eachother for suggesting ideas that may encroach on escort territory and perhaps suggest ways to tone them down a little or find ways of keeping escorts a little above them.

Personally my escort bores the living daylights out of me because it's just too powerful (but if I tone it down people complain that I'm a noob and I'm not doing enough DPS so as an escort pilot I can't win), my cruiser feels underpowered (despite it's recent upgrade) and my science is only effective as a healboat.

This needs sorting such that the other tow classes can support escorts better be that by increasing beam damage, decreasing DC/DHC, a mix of the two or even reworking the combat system such that DPS is not the be all and end all in the game.