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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Unfortunately your theory is wrong.

This is what [Dmg] does:
It adds a fixed amount of damage to each hit.
The exact amount is depending on weapon type.
- For Beam Arrays: 5
- For Dual Beam Banks: 6.5
- For Single Cannons: 3.6
- For Dual Cannons: 4.35
- For Dual Heavy Cannons: 8.7
- For Turrets: 2.25
This damage is NOT modified by mark or rarity.
This damage IS modified by weapon power setting.
This damage is NOT modified by +damage% from abilities, consoles or other equipment. It is NOT base-damage, it is basically a 100% proc!

[Dmg] is a very good mod at early marks.
It is not such a good mod at admiral levels.
I've tested it, it works excactly as described.
This might not be working as intended though.
Isn't a 100% proc basically a mod to DPS without being a mod to DPV? Am I looking at this inside out?

I think Cryptic calculates its DPS starting with DPS and then divides out to get DPV rather than multiplying DPV by speed to get DPS.

Still, the testing I've seen people do are ALL Dmg vs. ALL Accuracy and you'd get inconsistent results from that.

Dmg is the most consistent modifier and I'd argue that it might be better for DHCs on the whole.

Going off your numbers...

Dmg x3 is basically a 26.1 or 6.8% damage increase (per volt) to DHCs.
I'm showing DHCs on the exchange:

Mk XII, Dmg x3, showing at 427 DPV, 281.8 DPS.

M XII no mods, showing at 383.5 DPV, 255.7 DPS.

As expected, 26.1 damage difference.

On my ship with buffs:

Mk XII (Fleet) Dmgx3/Acc, showing at 430.5 DPV, 287 DPS (w/ consoles and mods and buffs and passive skills) (1.5 Rate of Fire)

Mk XII no mods, 367 DPV, 258 DPS. (Same speeds, same buffs, no energy consoles) (1.42 rate of fire)

29 difference, assuming due to power levels. But I see a speed discrepancy.

The first set of stats implies a shot every 1.5 seconds whereas the second set implies a shot every 1.42.

Is there possibly a major display bug here?