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10-05-2012, 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by castsbugc View Post
I am aware of this issue *sigh* that apparently introduced itself since yesterday.

I'm republishing with a raised spawn point right now to see if this fixes the issue

I apologize for the inconvence, especially since it stops you from seeing the parts I'm proudest of
Thank you for telling me about the republish. I replayed the mission and was not stuck in the transporter pad this time.

With the storyline, it was rather simple. But I have to give A+ to the Custom Ship Interior with its realism factor (I.E. the little things along the way that a real person would do, like checking the lifesigns of the dead and not going into dangerous areas).

In all honesty, Cryptic really should take notes with how to do ship interiors. Because their interiors are more like mazes than actual ships or bases. So Props, well done!