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10-05-2012, 04:15 PM
Personally I'm going to jump out of my own airlock if I get another damn duty pack and a few scant crystals while anything good is 800 lobi's away?

I've been playing a while, and I personally feel very ripped off at most of the gimmicks and rehashes that STO continues to belch out.

Most of my fleet has left the game, feeling the same way.

I'm cancelling my gold account and prolly won't be returning here anytime soon. I've been a beta player on Battlefield Play4free for a long time.

Just like I have been here a long time.

I have a blast by myself and with friends over there. I sit here board watching trolls in chat and non-informed pugs over saturating the "elite" stf's.

Lot's of luck to ya STO but my money is going to those who listen and have met most of (at the least) my expectations since the start... You have not even for a month.