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Originally Posted by boglejam73 View Post
Sorry, but I seriously doubt someone who goes AFK to deal with a real life problem would have the stones to come back from their emergency just in time to "need" on all the gear drops. If they had an ounce of self respect, knowing they effed their team thru no fault of thier own, they'd pass on any gear.

And how do you explain AFK gear-needers on STFs like Cure Space, where the optional gear drops before the end of the mission? The emergency cleared up long enoigh for them to need on the optional loot but then re-occurs, forcing them to not help finish off the assimilated carrier?

The problem is real. Some a55clown players sit in STFs and suck down loot/dilithium while watching netflix. I'm fairly confident most of the AFKers fit this situation, and are not AFKing to deal with real life issues/emergencies.
Don't forget the peeps who need everything that drops even if it's a Betazoid Uttaberry!!!!

And yet don't contribute to the mission in any way.....

I can haz joystick!
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