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Originally Posted by cpc2011a View Post
Having watched STO from the sideline since it's initial launch, playing since f2p, and paying my sub as im able, I can't say that I have not considered the LTS. I considered it heavily when I started playing and decided I would wait and see how things turned out over the first 6 months or so. Six months came and went 3 months ago and I didn't do the LTS and probably won't. However if at such a time there comes a perk pack for LTS that includes "Devs who fix well documented problems", "Non-BS responses to bugs and an ETA on actual working (and tested fixes)", and "Support tickets no longer go ignored"...
Well I'd be right there to shell out the $300. Until such a perk pack comes along I can't justify spending that kind of money on something that may very well self destruct before that LTS has paid for itself due to people not caring enough to fix the things that are broken.
I bought the LTS the first day it was available and it has paid for itself for quite some time now.
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