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10-05-2012, 05:45 PM
When can we see a major bug pass to fix the problems yet fixed from Season 6's release? Like the Fleet Mark Daily for Klingons? Or the sound bugs with the 20-person Fleet Defense Event?

When can we see Fleet Marks outside of Fleet Events, like STFs so we don't have to rely on Queued Events or grinding Nukara and Defera?

Are we going to see somekind of system implemented to handle those who purposely abuse the Fleet Mark Events by not particpating or delayed zoning?

What kind of improvements will we see with Fleet Starbases?

Will we see other methods to get Fleet Modules besides those in the C-store or on the Exchange for massive ammounts of EC?

Will we see Starbase Projects costs go down?

Will we see ways to decorate our Starbase that's beyond the Starbase Projects?

Aside from the Vesta, Ambassador, and the Andorian Starship, out of the remaining 20+ canonical Federation Starships that remaing. How many of these ships are currently in development?

And any idea how you could fit them in?

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