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10-05-2012, 06:52 PM
While interesting, I feel it would add an unnecessary level of complication to the game. I believe there's already a fair bit of differentiation between the two sides via the ships we can get, as well as DOFFs. For both PVE and for any hopes of PVP, I think "less is more."

Additionally, I've noticed over the years that one group's "bonus" will tend to be held as the baseline for everyone/thing else. As a result, "OMG such-and-such is gimp," regardless of its factual status, will become the perception. It could be totally in line for performance, but will be held up against the bonus'd group.

As is, we've got a lot of different options, and can assemble a personal style from those. I think that's fine, and better than some innate push towards one or the other.
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