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As some of you may have noticed, my missions have been down. Originally I took them down due to changes in S6 which made many objects have odd display names. Then the Foundry was super laggy, so I was reluctant to fight with it to work on the missions. And then while I was at it, I decided to make a few updates to the missions with the new features available with S6 (primarily increased detail object count).

Anyway, I'm finally relaunching my series, and I'd like your feedback on the results. The major changes are listed below.

Dereliction Duty

Changes are primarily on U.S.S. Atlas Deck 13. I was very disappointed with how this level turned out when I first made it. It was very bland with boring bare walls, and kind of weird lighting, but there was nothing I could do about it because I hit the detail limit. Now, with the higher detail limit I could add a few more objects. The lighting is still kind of weird, and I wish I could do more with it, but I think it's a major improvement from before.

U.S.S. Atlas Deck 13:
  • Added "Galaxy Class" style Wall Panels to the walls.
  • Added some more consoles to Security Control and the Security Locker Room.
  • Revamped the brig.
  • Added a few general objects here and there, like the Galaxy class banner in the transporter room, and the UFP logo on the floor there, the "war map" behind Gonzales in the briefing room, a plant and monitor in Qig's quarters, etc.
  • Added a couple more interacts. Be sure to explore the level to find them!

Rest Of Mission
  • Added to and tweaked a few conversations.
  • Added more "Acknowledged." responses and reduced the number of "Continue" responses
  • Changed Hailing interacts to be instant instead of short.

Feedback requested:
1) What do you think of the new Deck 13?
  • Does it run ok?
  • Are there any objects, consoles, etc, which you don't like?
  • Are there any rooms that specifically need improvement (feel free to make suggestions!)
  • Let the Hercules officers kill you (so you have to respawn) to see an interesting new addition!
2) Any general complaints about anything in the mission (plotline, conversation, level design, whatever)
  • If you have something you want changed, or a suggestion to make, now is the time since I'm actually working on the mission. Once I finish this overhaul I probably will not go back to it, at least not any time soon.
  • Keep in mind I can only make relatively small changes. I'm not going to overhaul the entire mission!
3) Any bugs encountered-- please let me know!

Click here for my Foundry tutorial on Creating A Custom Interior Map.

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