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10-05-2012, 07:22 PM
It's glad to see Dstahl answering my question even if it was only half of my original questions I asked on the matter. I basically wanted an explanation on why there was contradiction between Gozer and Salami on the fact of exploitation of tech drops. In which there was never any evidence or explanation given on how it could actually be exploited when it was mentioned and explained by Gozer before hand how it couldn't be exploited if you actually earn the Tech by playing the STF's.

The answer from Stahl said everything though. Being there isn't anything that could be exploited out of it what has happened is PWE has jumped in and forced the hand of the PER CHARACTER massive grind for a cash grab dipping into STF's. I can expect a daily requirement of EDC's, Tech Drops, and Dilithium for daily projects is what its telling me. So doing account bound tech would potentially kill this system. As well it will be a way for people who don't do stfs or atleast not ground STF's to just buy their way into XII gear/costumes.