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10-05-2012, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
personally i'd like that indicator to just simply be REMOVED.

in PvP every player steps out of the indicator way before it hits.

same with Orbital Strike.

and you know whats funny?
if a player uses Orbital Strike, it shows a ring on the ground as indicator.
if ARMEK shoots his Orbital Strike at players WE get no warning.

...cheater ;P

i mean... how about a little red dot on the bottom, and maybe a sound of the incoming shell, so you MAY notice if you pay attention, or may be surprised.

there has to be some type of balance between the huge warning and getting none at all

but FPS issues i have none with it.
welll... only when multiple Mortars hit the same spot and i am right in the middle of the Explosion FX
Would be nice if they would get rid of it completely...maybe the quantum mortar would be nice if it shot a little bit faster...but thats not what we are here for.