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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
OP said tank/healing... well the Bortasqu series is the heaviest hull rating, but IMO it is utterly terrible. I have one, and can NOT ever bring myself to use it more than a minute at a time before switching back to everything else.

Because everything else is better.

Vor'cha Retrofit is IMO the best free ship in the game. Put points into your character's starship thrusters skills and it turns well without any RCS consoles. Add tanky consoles, set up with chained EPTS boff skills, and you have leftover ENG slots for healilng skills as well.

Plus... it's a battlecruiser so it takes DHCs up front if you like. And lemme tell ya... Me like!
The Bortasqu is not horrible it just takes some practice to learn to fly properly, I would recomend it to the op if he asked about z-store ships too. My tac in a tac bortasqu (Kovac) is often at the top of damage in pvp and has no problem keeping 180 degree single cannons on target, it has highest dps for cruisers. The decloaking alpha with the disruptor autocannon kills most targets outright, and it puts out escort like dps afterwards with the cannons but is much harder to kill. Its like a Fed side Dreadnought but much stronger. In STFs I put 4 DHC or 3 and a torp on it and have no problem keeping them on target in pve, this dps is often higher then most escorts except for the Fleet defiant or bug ship.

My Eng in a command bortasqu uses 8 beams and gets decent dps too, but is even harder to kill and a great team healer, a better choice then a negvar as tank/healer since it does great dps too while tanking

To manuver a bortasqu your character should have high or max impulse thrusters and engine performance and you should run 50 power to engines, it handles fine for me like this so I either run 100 to weapons 50 to engines when doing dps or 100 aux 50 engines when tanking/healing.