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Originally Posted by zimmerman1979 View Post
Datachips to bypass cooldowns on STFs and Fleet Events

5 Datachips Reset Cooldown for Fleet Events

10 DataChips Reset Cooldown For STFs

1$ for 50 Datachips

100 datachips per month for Gold and Lifetime Accounts only (perk)
Nnow that I think about this more, that's a great idea. It basically will be a feed back loop on itself.

People buy the datachips and play STFs. They get their loot and save the dilithium. Play more STFs, bypass more cooldowns. Spend the dilithium on zen, buy more datachips, leading to more dilithium. And since people would want to spend their dilithium on zen for datachips, people will buy zen to sell to said datachip buyers.
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