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As always, most important questions have been ignored in favour of more convenient questions.
It's funny to see things don't change over the years.

Q: (xxxhellspawnyxxx) The requirements for T3 Fleet Projects are very high. Are you planning on adjusting the system for smaller fleets, e.g. depending on the number of members?

Dstahl: We review the status of all Fleet Starbases on Holodeck regularly and have been adjusting project inputs and prices in some cases to find more balance given the progress different sized Fleets are making. In some cases, instead of reducing the inputs of projects, we have instead increased the abundance at which you receive inputs needed for projects. We will continue to adjust and monitor these numbers to ensure that all Fleets are making progress as expected over time. As we introduce a new Fleet Holding in Season 7, we will be making some additional adjustments on project requirements.
Lol, thats funny.
In other words Mr. Dstahl said everything goes as intended.
Smaller fleets are ok to stuck somewhere between tier 2 and 3. If thats what they think of "balance" between different fleet sizes, it would explain a lot.
It's not the grind that's fun, it's archieving the goal which is fun!

Q: (icegavel) You've mentioned this "Reputation" system a lot recently. Any chance we could get a few details to chew on while we wait for its release?

Dstahl: Certainly. We are introducing two new Reputations with Season 7 ? Romulans and Omega Fleet. These Reputations will exist as a new tab on the status window. The system was designed at the
In the future, we have plans to add more Reputations for other factions and political entities within the Star Trek universe.
How about to add some real content instead of ANOTHER money/rescources sink?
Seriously how about some game mode that actually provides some variety, i'm tired of grinding the same stuff over and over. How about implementing some missions that do change every time you play them?

Q: (sc0ttish) Is there any news you?d like to share about a possible re-imagining of the exploration system in general?

Dstahl: While we haven?t talked a lot about the exploration system, it is one part of the game that we do intend to address in an upcoming Season, and has been on my personal to do list for some time. We have been reading some of the fine proposals that have been posted on the forums as well as discussing the role that the Foundry should play in Exploration.

The core concept is that exploration should involve heading out into the unknown, which means traveling into new sectors away from known space. In addition, exploration should offer a variety of gameplay other than just combat. As we look at the proposals on the table, the ones that are getting the most traction include new types of gameplay that allow captains to make choices and have strategies for how they approach the unknown. More than one of these proposals finds new purposes for Duty and Bridge Officers. We also see an opportunity for Fleets and Reputations to play a part in discovery.

So while Exploration isn?t on the schedule for Season 7 or 8, it is something we are planning for and will implement as we continue to move forward in the game and past the current storyline.
That doesn't sound promising or especially convincing, to be honest.
It sounds more like Exploration is something you like to defer to somewhen into the future, but only is nothing (or better said ANYTHIG) else comes in the way.

Q: (stomac) When if ever are we going to finally see customizable ground kits?

Dstahl: This is one of the features that is being considered for Season 8, but hasn?t been finalized yet. We do want to get this feature out in the next year, so if it isn?t Season 8, then it will be sometime shortly after.
Season 8 ?!? I was under the impression customizable ground kits would be more iminent.

Q: (jmitchell76) The Jem Hadar Attack Ship ? will we see it again in the Winter Event or will there be another chance at getting one?

Dstahl: While we haven?t announced if the Jem?Hadar ship will be returning for the Winter Event, we do promise that there will be another chance to get one in the near future.
Yeah, answering a question about a escort ship (which is way the best ship in the game, btw.) that already has been availlable in the game is much more important than a question about one of the most iconic Starships in Star Trek which the devs have made completely wrong and which is the most teethless AND boring to fly ship in the game. I am sorry, but i can hardly understand this.
(that's not aimed towards the questioner)

All things considered, there was nothing that really interested me besides the things i quoted.
Many unsettled things like the Cruiser and Science versus Escort balance have been (just as always) completely ignored.

If that's what we can expect for the near future, i am seriously considering to take at least half a year pause and i am afraid i wouldn't miss anything (for me) interesting. It's sad because the devs seemingly have their very own plans for "their" star trek game.
I'm asking myself (on a regular basis) why do i bother to play this game anymore, if it wouldn't be the only ongoing Star Trek game i would have gone long ago, as many Star Trek fans already did...
The devs add more and more things i don't care (in the best case) or i would completely disagree with (more regulary), why should i bother to continue playing this game or even spend so much (for my means) time with it?

Sorry for being so negative in the recent time, but there was little that i would consider as positive in this game recently.

Thank you for reading/ignoring, depending on who you are.

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