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Originally Posted by dyatlovbass View Post
I find it tragic that anyone has enabled this idiocy to go on for 17 pages. If you fly this ship, you are an idiot. If you actually die to this ship, you are an even bigger idiot--
Dude, the Galaxy-X is the only cool incarnation of the Galaxy there ever was. Its certainly cooler than any other fed or kdf cruiser (although not quite as effective for most pilots). I specially love how the show's ship designers gave a nod to the Starfleet Battles games and made canon a Tri-Nacelled design! Where's my Dreadnought version of the Sovy Cryptic?? Money couldn't fly out of my wallet fast enough for that! Heck, make the Sovy D-nought a quad nacelle design like the Prometheus and I'd be happy too... Naturally a Phaser Lance would be required included!