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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
you are aware that the badge SCALES with the size of the body? *pointing at thos HUGE Vulcan shoulders*
Even so, why is the TNG movie badge much smaller then the TNG series badge?

Yeah, i have heard that some dev once said that badges wouldn't be streched with the body, which is just not true.
It could be either incompetence (they just don't see the difference) or just a obvious lie.

No matter, the TNG series badge is much bigger than the TNG movie badge or the TMP badge of instance.
I think the devs just want to make TNG designs as unattractive as possible.

Another example would be the phaser pistols (stun, wide beam). They have the most ugly weapons model in the game, and on top of that they have those really ugly holographic "things" on it. Not only the devs made them as ugly as possible the devs made another phaser pistol model, which looks just like a generic sci fi gun, but not like a starfleet weapon and leaving the "cobra" design to usless weapon types like stun and wide beam that no one wants to use.

My point is the devs seem to want to keep every TNG related design at bay in this game.

To be honest, i don't care about the devs opinion regarding TNG, their job is to make a coherent Star Trek game. But they just do what they find "cool" without even caring about previous designs or making balanced or even good looking designs.

Thank you for reading.
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