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For instance, if you do a mission for Starfleet Command to blow up a Romulan base, then you should (by default) gain faction with the Federation, Section 31, Starfleet Command, Federation council, ect. You should also lose ALOT of standing with the Romulan Empire, the Tal'Shiar, Romulan High Command and any other Romulan assets, though you could gain faction with some rogue elements like "Romulan dissidents".
We arent playing F:NV and we are not independent contractors either.

Reputation seems to be part of a rewards system, no reward system makes you lose points outside when said points are used and in STO the only system they seem to be using is a tiered system, you gain points to reach a tier to gain rewards, the Fleet Mark system is a currency system and its the only one were your idea would kinda work.


Reason is Starfleet and KDF Officers are supposed to follow orders, if you disobey or act in a way that is against the spirit of the orders given you be relieved of command or in the KDF fashion being relieved of command by means of a bladed instrument by one of your officers.

A dynamic system does not work too well in STO due to the very nature of WHO you are supposed to be.