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Originally Posted by lonnehart View Post
Sure the site sells ships, uniforms and other things. But it could always use more stuff. What do you think?

Hairstyles. If it works for The Sims 3, it could work for STO
Ship Paints. We have a few paints already, but how about C-Store exclusive paints?
I am all for more ship parts. They could add some Saucers, Engineering hulls, Nacelles, necks and pylons for instance. Similar to their Uniform packs.
Especially the Odyssey could use some more parts for sure. Maybe i would even buy that ship then.
But most classic shaped ships (featuring a saucer, a engineering hull, nacelles and so on) would greatly benefit from such a ship parts pack, too.
STO already is a Star Trek theme park adding more diverse ship parts would be

Obviously some abnormal ship shapes, like the defiant won't profit from this, but i couldn't care less.

More hair, can't get enough to choose from.

Another thing i would like to see is more different face types. Everyone looks too similar to each other. After 2 and a half years of STO we still are fixed to just two types of faces, thats not nearly enough IMO.

Thank you for reading.
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