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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
We arent playing F:NV and we are not independent contractors either.

A dynamic system does not work too well in STO due to the very nature of WHO you are supposed to be.
Thats the main problem i see here too. As a starfleet officer you can either follow orders or not. Well you can get more popular with certain kind of factions, but not as much as some freelancer could.
Some things that work with other MMOs just don't work with Star Trek very well, a reputation system is certainly one of them. But when i look around on Starfleet academy or ESD i see very few people even trying to wear a starfleet like uniform. Most seem to think they play some sort of Mass Effect game if you look at their "uniforms".
The same applies to ships, we get more and more non Starfleet ships in Starfleet, i am still puzzeling about the point of that.

So the devs seem to like the idea of turning us players into something like mercenaries that have just loose contact to starfleet. But in order to do that in a believeable way they need to roll the complete game inside out, changing all missions and change the Rank system and some more other things too.

STO moves more and more away from Star Trek as i like it IMO.
They should just release the rights of Star Trek and create a sci fi universe of their own. Seriously i think, it would be a much better game then STO. Most of STOs balancing issues wouldn't be half as serve and they wouldn't be half as emotional important as now.

Thank you for reading.
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- Picard, quoting Judge Aaron Satie

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