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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Does it? If so... how do you miss the entire point of a badge!??!?
Look this is a effect of morphing the mesh.

Let me try to explain, when you move a slider the mesh morphs, the slider is connected to bones on the mesh that are told to move.

Now what happens when something is static and the mesh moves? it stays but it stays, since its not connected to bones that means it would be at the same height before and after you move the height slider meaning it would be out of position were it should.

This is also why some combadges have problems with female characters, they have no information about the breast bones and so when you "enhance" their chests it eventually clips because the badge does not move as the mesh morphs.

Ways around? a insanely high number of bone assignments and highly detailed mesh but that is not suitable for a MMO environment that require as little stress as possible due to information streaming from and to the servers.