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10-05-2012, 11:43 PM
Hairs would be fantastic.

Personally I want to see a sort of "2409 Bundle"
  • Generic 2409 bridge, themed after the Aquarius bridge made for the Odyssey-class, but much smaller, no larger than the Prometheus-pack bridges (the best balance of size and playability, IMO)
  • 2409 combadge
  • KDF Bonus: New Sash
  • Bonus: Account-bound Fleet Module

And of course a KDF "Imperial Bundle"
  • Generic bridge themed after the Bortasqu' bridge
  • New shoulder pads (matches sash style from 2409 bundle)
  • FED Bonus: 2409 Belt (matches combadge)
  • Bonus: Account-bound Fleet Module

The main draw is the bridges, but the additions of the fleet module and the synergizing costume pieces adds draw. Ideally it would be priced relative to similar items so that the modules would effectively cost half what they normally do. Account binding the modules prevents selling them without shafting the buyer by binding it to the buying character.

I imagine in total these will individually run 1000 zen. So 2000 zen overall for "modern" bridges, matching accessories for both factions, and a whopping two account-bound fleet modules. Not bad considering the modules alone would normally run you 1000 for both...