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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post

Now lets get back on topic here. Cruisers don't have the same firepower of escorts and YES they can tank but I think we do need to up them a little, not by much but certainly a bit, Just to close down the gap produced by the changing of content focus and the non enhancement of cruisers an sci ships to compensate.
I've often said I'd be all for a slight turning bump for cruisers, a slight DPS increase might be ok as well, provided they lost some tankyness... maybe at a 2 for 1 ration of tankyness vs. DPS? That seems to be how they are designed as a general rule. I say this because it might have the happy unexpected consequence of making players need to learn to play their cruisers from early levels intead of walking into E STFs thinking staying at 10 km and scowling at a Tac cube will be sufficient..... even if they only learned a few basics it'd be an improvement that would be instantly felt across the game!

Sadly the players that consider themselves "true trek fans" will never accept that cruisers aren't the be all and end all since they want their giant battleships... but without going KDF. I would feel a lot more sympathetic towards them if so often they wouldn't say how they think escort and sci pilots should support their big hero ships. Naturally I'm a "Sisko" style of captain so that #$%^ won't fly with me...