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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Mouseover when on the ground shows damage neither modified by weapon power nor by +damage%.
Mouseover in ship screen when in space shows damage modified for ... not even a clue ...
Mouseover in action bar when in space shows damage modified for weapon power and +%damage.
That's the big difference.
And not technically a bug, just ... very annoying.

Basic rule: if you want to see what a piece of ship equipment does, check in system space.

For a decently spec'ed character, with Borg Console and no further specials, ignoring accuracy-to-crit conversion (which would increase the value of CrtH, CrtD and Acc even further), the different weapon mods calculate to these increases:

[Acc] if not hitting 100%: >>>>>> ALL
[CrtH]: ~1.55%
[Dmg]: ~1.45%
[Acc]: ~1.35% (needs to be confirmed, based on theoretical conversion values)
[CrtD]: ~1%

CrtD, CrtH and even ACC scale with each other multiplicative though, so with multiple mods CrtH gains a bigger lead, CrtD catches up quickly, and so does Acc probably. DPS-wise, the perfect weapon would be [CrtH]x2 [CrtD], or [CrtH]x3 for Antiproton.

Not that [Dmg] is really far behind, it isn't - but it is technically the worst mod. It's really close though.
I'm doing consistent tests. The right damage increase is showing in the DPV.

What's weird is that if you try to filter DPS back through the DPV stat, you get different speeds on dual heavies.

If you divide DPS by Damage (or vice versa) in any consistent test, the resulting number should be the same regardless of mark or modifier on the same type of weapon.