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10-06-2012, 12:45 AM
A new TIER of Ships?

You better not make any of the current Ships obsolete, the Fleet Ship nonsense was hard enough to stomach already.
If all my C-Store purchases and LockBox Ships will be made obsolete by the Admiral Rank, i don't know if that would make me want to get them... or if it would just make me rage quit.

Oh and disappoint that Foundry gets no love from the Reputation System, i just finally want an in-game reason to PLAY Foundry and get some epic Loot out of it.
Be that a *Lobi* Store for Foundry kind of thing, or through the Rep System...

I am surprised that Season 7 is already next month, with the bigger team size will we get more Seasons per Year again?
I expected it to hit somewhere around 12/2012 01/2013 to be honest...
if so when can we expect Season 8? more like 3 or more like 6 months after S7?

With more Romulan Stuff in S7, do we get to hear / see Obisek again?
(still one of the few really memorable characters in STO)

When Kits get turned into single items...
i love the idea, finally some more diverse builds than the default 5.
but i also see some huge negatives here.

right now i need 5 inventory slots to have all kits on me at all times for each profession, splitting these 5 kits up would already result in 20 required slots for the items,
then add a few new ones through... whatever monetized pay to win (pay for power) way and boom half the inventory / bank is full with kit items...