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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Maybe it's just me, but a bridge and a some small stuff are hardly worth 1000 ZEN. I would make it something between 300 and 750 at most, because there is little playability in it (no ship, weapons or other stuff non RPers need to have). I can imagine that much less players would buy it if there is nothing they could use in Combat. That's not my opinion, i would bu that pack, but in my experience most players are just looking at the stats of a new piece of equipment, rather than its looks or meaning in Star Trek.
You're probably right. I kinda aimed high, basing it on existing prices for similar items, then shaving some off of each one. I wound up with something closer to 950 for everything.

750 might be a better price point, but that seems cheap compared to the faction EV suits.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
What i don't like about it is the fact that i would had to buy the KDF version of it just to get a matching Starfleet belt, i think thats a bit too much. Many players are just not interested in playing a KDF character.
I'm glad you noticed that. I went about setting this up trying to think like a good little Ferengi. How do you entice people to buy things they normally wouldn't? You drop little extra goodies in there!

I put the combadge, the smaller piece, in the Fed pack because combadges are generally more iconic than belts. I figured between the two, most people would want the combadge more than the belt. If you want the matching belt, shell out of the KDF pack. You get the belt plus a second account-bound module, so you come out pretty good (bridge, belt, badge, two fleet modules!) even if you never use the KDF stuff.

Speaking of the sash, I'm not sold on my own setup for that. I'm not sure if KDF players would want the sash or pads more, and you could easily reverse the two and get the same incentive effect.

How about this as an alternative?
  • Fed pack gets the belt and combadge, KDF bonus is new belts (smilarly themed but distinct male and female versions).
  • KDF pack gets the sash and pads, Fed bonus is "2409 VISOR".

The trouble with this, for me, is I don't see how KDF belts and a visor are enough incentive to buy the other. Sure the module sweetens the pot, but is that enough? At least with matching pieces in both bundles, the draw is more obvious.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I'm curious how does a 2409 combadge look like?
I have no idea. That'd be up to the costume folks.