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10-06-2012, 01:26 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
You want to Tank with limited heals-the Vor'cha's a better tank/healer than the Hegh'ta, which is just plain better at everything else.

It's VERY hard to make a BoP tank, there are ways, but it's a lot of reskilling and console juggling to do it, and you lose a LOT trying. (I admit to having missed that detail in my previous answer-sorry).

Get the Vor'cha, then hurry over to the Cruiser threads for advice on how to staff/skill/build it to get the most out of it-there is a wealth of information out there on making any Cruiser more effective in PvE/PvP while retaining the Tank/Healer subset of abilities, and it's a good idea to reference those before you take it out on the range.
Precisely. That's why my BoP isn't tanky, I'd sacrifice too much in the way of speed boosts and DPS, and the Hegh'ta has enough trouble competing as it is.