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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Ask Cryptic: October 2012, Question #2I hope to hell that I'm reading this wrong, but it looks like you're planning to add the Romulans into the Federation and / or Klingon factions. Dont!

There was a poll that you guys put up a month ago asking the community what they most wanted out of the game right now. Think I remember a Romulan Playable Faction leading that poll. The fans have spoken. Can the development team deliver? If this latest Ask Cryptic is anything to go by, and if I'm reading it right, then you're planning to ignore the wishes of the fans completely, and are going to shove the Romulans in elsewhere (rather than give them the faction they deserve).

The Romulans aren't ready to join the Federation, and even when they do get to a point that they are, they sure as hell wouldn't join with the Klingons. With the exception of Sela and her band of merry soldiers, when have the Klingons and Romulans ever cooperated with only each other? These two species aren't overly fond of each other, so it is my hope that they are very much kept apart from each other in terms of alliances.

Star Trek: Online (eventually) needs more than two factions; the Romulans are the logical choice for faction number #3. I don't want to see them wasted as castaways that are incorporated into other factions. If you're not in a position to create a third faction just yet, that's fine, you don't need too, but don't integrate the Romulans into a current faction.
He said 'indirect attempt'. That is the Reputation system, where both factions do missions involving the Romulans, trying to get them on their side.

But like he said, it's an attempt. Nothing's been decided yet on if the Romulans will become another playable faction, or intergrated into a different faction.
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