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I've often said I'd be all for a slight turning bump for cruisers, a slight DPS increase might be ok as well, provided they lost some tankyness... maybe at a 2 for 1 ration of tankyness vs. DPS?
I think this with the opposite ratio for escorts (perhaps a slightly lower shield mod) I think escorts could use a slight boost to max hull though, the number of times my escorts have been 1 shotted by the borg is unreal.

Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I would feel a lot more sympathetic towards them if so often they wouldn't say how they think escort and sci pilots should support their big hero ships. Naturally I'm a "Sisko" style of captain so that #$%^ won't fly with me...
Well in all fairness everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do see why escorts are the primary damage dealers, frankly they aren't that good at much else, I think sci ships and cruisers could use a slight damage boost, science more than cruisers they've paid for it by having most of their skills nerfed.

Sitting a cruiser at 10km at endgame and expecting it to be as successful as during the story is fair however it wrong, I personally have noticed my weapons are more effective during the story for a given distance than they are in STFs at the same distance. I think cruises could work better as a support ship if they were dishing out more damage at 5km than they are presently thus keeping us "Kirks" and "Picards" out of the way of you "Siskos" while still dealing out enough damage to nicely supplement yours, I've said this multiple times and I would be quite happy both as a cruiser pilot and as an escort pilot.

Perhaps we could make this a beam-wide buff thereby escorts would also be affected if they use them or perhaps we could make it a property of cruisers as beams are their primary weapon whereas escort primary weapons are cannons, which frankly don't need any more damage potential.

How does this sound to you? (for anyone else - if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. I'm here to discuss this not bash anyone)