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10-06-2012, 04:51 AM
Make sure the total number of BOffs in your Candidates roster will be less-than-or-equal-to 12 _after_ you collect the BOffs from your mail.

To see your BOff Candidates roster, use the 'u' hotkey to view your toon's status UI screen. Then click on the "Stations" tab, and look along the right side of that UI screen under "Bridge Officer Candidates."

12 is the hard maximum cap you can have in your BOff Candidates roster. As with all mail with attachments, you can only "take items" if your toon has room to hold all of the items attached to the mail.

If this does not explain the issue you are experiencing, you can try looking in your Chat UI screen for error messages when you click on the "take items" button... scratch that. I just tried collecting a BOff from the mail while having a full Candidate roster and I did not get an error message when "take items" button didn't work.

... would be nice if the game gave us a notice akin to "You do not have room for those items". *hint* *hint*