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10-06-2012, 05:34 AM

First, this forum tells me I last visited it in 1969. The Internet as we know it today in not that old. Second, why am I not allowed to open a new thread in this forum? At least half a year has passed since I created this account.

And now, the problem that just made me uninstall STO after I just installed it. A problem that I had since I first played it, during the beta. The game will not run in fullscreen mode. Actually it runs, but it sends my display in "Input out of range" mode. I know how to fix this, edit Gameprefs.Pref. Where, by the way, I see you are using a non standard display resolution, 1264x964px. Why? My display has a native resolution of 1280x1024, btw.

But, I shouldn't need to do that.

In windowed mode I go to video options and I can not change the screen resolution if display mode is windowed or windowed maximised. If I select fullscreen, it doesn't wait for me to push "OK" or "Apply" so it just messes up with my display again. Alt+tab or Ctrl+Alt+Del may function but my monitor is still black so I can only guess what's happening (I haven't yet familiarized myself with Win7; the problem was also present on WinXP), so my only real option is a hard reboot.

So many patches and content add-ons and this is still not fixed...