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10-06-2012, 06:47 AM
jellico, while threads like these exist there is still a chance for us to force the hands of the devs and if we ever give up then they will continue to make us less and less useful.

So come on, this thread is still open, there is still time to oppose the current combat system, there is still time for us to discuss solutions to the problem and it's not just us cruiser pilots who need to talk about this but we do need to get the escort crowd in on it and give them reasons to support our requests, naturally of course this involves them looking at our ideas and suggesting ways to improve upon them to make them better for all of us rather than saying things like "L2P".

So come on guys, let's all work together to create a better game for all of us and if you escort pilots don't need cruisers then suggest ways to make us more useful to you rather than just saying "Escorts are meant to be the primary DDs" We know this already! We also know that we are supposed (according to the game mechanics) to be a support class but in a game of DPS a low DPS ship isn't going to be any real good as support now is it?

Look, if we can all come to an agreeable solution that we can all stand behind maybe we can post it as a new thread, stand behind it there and maybe then the devs will make it happen, I know it probably wont work but we will never know if we don't try.