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10-06-2012, 07:01 AM
For what it's worth, I have the MVAE and Defiant-R. While I don't use escorts much, the MVAE usually gathers dust in drydock, and my Defiant-R sates my urge. The Lt. Science slot just doesn't seem to help it out all that much, and it's a bit of a hefty trade-off for the Lt. Cmdr tac (with which I rotate CRF2 constantly).

If I were in the market for an escort right now I would seriously consider the Heavy Escort carrier, myself, but I like my Def-R quite a bit.

Also note that if you really want MVAE abilities, you can load the MVAE console in your standard Advanced Escort. The pets are a bit better than the Odyssey's pets and seem to last a little longer, but still, it's a non-fighter pet, so your mileage may vary - and may vary wildly within even your own experience. It does, however, offer some limited flexibility in terms of reconfiguring the chunk of the ship you're commanding on the fly, if nothing else.