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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
The problem with this is that if escorts didn't move as fast as they do it would be even easier to get DC/DHCs on a target and keep them there thus they would do even more damage than they do now...

I agree that escorts do move a little faster than they should but slowing them down without lowering their damage output would cause yet more problems in PvE... something we don't need
Um, they can adjust their speed. So I'm not sure what you're saying there. They don't have stop and go... they can adjust the speed.

Now if you lower that top speed - lower the turn rate.... then they would have a harder time getting on target. It's the absurd maneuverability that allows them to keep those DHCs on the target while the Cruiser tends to sport BAs. It's what allows packs of them to line up on a single facing or maneuver around to attack the weak facing.

Picture DHCs on a Cruiser for a moment - it would be pretty bad, no? You couldn't keep them on the target - your damage output would drop. Tada, if Escorts did not have the crazy maneuverability that they do...their damage output would drop.

And like I said, adjusting that would not only affect their offensive capabilities - but it would also affect their defensive capabilities. An Escort can easily hug a target's weakest arc - which means they're facing less of a threat/less damage.

If you just adjust a certain weapon up or down, then they'll just switch weapons but still maintain the advantage because of their maneuverability.