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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I think this with the opposite ratio for escorts (perhaps a slightly lower shield mod) I think escorts could use a slight boost to max hull though, the number of times my escorts have been 1 shotted by the borg is unreal.
TBH neither an escort nor cruiser should get one shot UNLESS they're in the wrong place. Much like a WoW raid, part of STFs is not "standing in the fire" as it were.. ie, being in a bad position (unless its a gate.. those cheeky gates can get you anywhere below a certain range it seems! but gates are not moving cubes of doom, so its nowhere as bad.)

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I think cruises could work better as a support ship if they were dishing out more damage at 5km than they are presently thus keeping us "Kirks" and "Picards" out of the way of you "Siskos" while still dealing out enough damage to nicely supplement yours, I've said this multiple times and I would be quite happy both as a cruiser pilot and as an escort pilot.
This is how it works right now, the only difference is that effective weapons range is quite a bit closer. The challenge lies more in positioning and the cruiser's dismal turning. My cruiser has 2 RCS consoles... I still say a slight turn buff to cruisers would make them far more effective and fun to fly. Mainly because they could be "in position" more often. If spreadsheet balance must be maintained some tankyness would not be missed.