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10-06-2012, 08:56 AM
It shouldn't be about punishing people who decide to go afk (for whatever reason).
It shouldn't be about designing parameters to assess if people are contributing against a meter.
It shouldn't be about having to run in private groups to eek out a measure of quality gameplay.

It should be about a group's consensus to kick a player as they see fit in line with a set of restrictions.

- can't initiate a kick vote while engaging and shortly after defeating a major loot dropping boss/mechanic,
- can't initiate a kick vote if you've already exercised that ability more than X over Y period,
- can't initiate a kick vote if you've been flagged as a regular leaver of X groups over Y period,
- can't initiate a kick vote against a member who disconnects, before a X period is passed
- only X amount of members can be kicked per run
No amount of GM intervention, nor programmed assessment of contribution will ever be as good and balanced as a group's consensus. It is flawed, but not as flawed as those other options. And it is significantly better than what we currently have in place.

I continue to be perplexed at Cryptic's stance on ignoring this issue/choosing to maintain this situation.
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