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There's a Mirror Vor'cha availible on the exchange too (Ensign Sci versus Ensign Tac), not sure on the current Exchange prices, though (probably less than 3 Mil would be my guess).

So, basically grab what you want, and you have a backup of getting either of those if you don't like it. There will likely be another Mirror refit in the next lock box to come out as well (my guess is a Negh'var with an Ensign Tac instead of Eng).

I don't think anybody pointed it out, but the Mirror Qin (since last patch anyway) has a Ensign Eng instead of Tac, which IMO is better (gives you an extra bit of survivability), but something to keep in mind.

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if your adding exchange ships to the equation theres also the Temporal Vessels. the Temporal Destroyer has 2 universal slots and 10 console layouts. so they have a little more flexibility than the other raptors.
Those are level 50 and we're talking about level 40, and there is huge difference in price. Less than 1 Mil for the Mirror Qin versus over 90 Mil EC for either timeship on the exchange. 1 Mil is not too hard for a new player to get a hold of, 90 on the other hand requires quite a bit of dedication and time as well as getting Energy Credit Cap Increase from the C-Store for F2P players.

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