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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
What have you been smoking?
No Escort in game can sustain 5-digit dps numbers! None!
Well, unless you sit on an immobile, unshielded and immortal target with a projectile build - but in that case your effective dps is zero.
Anything else in the 5-digit range is burst.

Also: Escort have a total of 10% extra defense. No more.
And: There's a minimum to-hit chance of 25%. You can't become un-hittable.

Are you having fun trolling gullible Cruiser-deadbeats into actually believing this crap?
Or are you really that dumb that you actually believe what you're saying?
My Tac/Escort is pretty tricked out and I fly it very aggressively (no "fly at 9km from target" BS) but even then my max DPS is ~8250 in ISE.
I have no recent CSE or KASE parses, but they'd be lower since those events involve more travelling time.

I might be able to eke out a tiny bit more DPS (I'm thinking of a tweak that'll reduce survivability somewhat but increase impulse speed; therefore decreasing downtime), but 15k-20k is a bold-faced lie.

As for Defense, not only do Escorts only get 10% more, they often have little to none!
Front-mounted weapons mean you can't fly at 24+ Impulse most of the time or your DPS will be horrible (much worse than a Cruiser's); whereas a broadside can be maintained indefinetely on the move so in practice Cruisers usually have the most Defense by a vast margin.

Defense is granted through:
- Impulse Speed: caps at ~45% at 24 Impulse.
- Starship Maneuvers: .15% per Skill Point, caps at 99*.15%=14.85% at 9 Ranks.
- Elusive: +10%.
- Escort: +10%.
Although an Escort maxes at 55%-80%, in practice it'll be around 15% or less most of the time, whereas a Cruiser can maintain 45%-70% all the time.