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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

Beams do more DPV than cannons and Cannons do more DPS than beams.
Two different types of damage are applied by weapon in STO.
Beams are designed for sustained High Damage Per Volley attacks with low DPS.
Cannons are designed for Burst Damage Per Second attacks with low DPV.

To say beams do less damage than Cannons is misleading and only half true. Beams do less DPS than cannons only. They are not a burst weapon.
That is only true when applied to anything outside of DHC bitemepwe.
Comparing a DHC to a BA shows a fairly large gap.

Base figures for a MkXII:
220 DPV
176 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII DBB:
287 DPV
229 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII Cannon:
159 DPV
212 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII DC:
192 DPV
256 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII DHC:
384 DPV
256 DPS

What'd I like to see is an upgrade to array damage to look something like these.

Base figures for a MkXII BA:
260 DPV
200 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII HBA:
400 DPV
200 DPS
(Would be fore mounted only and have a 200 degree arc)

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