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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
My Tac/Escort is pretty tricked out and I fly it very aggressively (no "fly at 9km from target" BS) but even then my max DPS is ~8250 in ISE.
I have no recent CSE or KASE parses, but they'd be lower since those events involve more travelling time.

I might be able to eke out a tiny bit more DPS (I'm thinking of a tweak that'll reduce survivability somewhat but increase impulse speed; therefore decreasing downtime), but 15k-20k is a bold-faced lie.

As for Defense, not only do Escorts only get 10% more, they often have little to none!
Front-mounted weapons mean you can't fly at 24+ Impulse most of the time or your DPS will be horrible (much worse than a Cruiser's); whereas a broadside can be maintained indefinetely on the move so in practice Cruisers usually have the most Defense by a vast margin.

Defense is granted through:
- Impulse Speed: caps at ~45% at 24 Impulse.
- Starship Maneuvers: .15% per Skill Point, caps at 99*.15%=14.85% at 9 Ranks.
- Elusive: +10%.
- Escort: +10%.
Although an Escort maxes at 55%-80%, in practice it'll be around 15% or less most of the time, whereas a Cruiser can maintain 45%-70% all the time.
And before someone accuses you of being an Escort-deadbeat: that 8.25k beats everything I've seen so far, while still being possible.
Let me guess: very good group, constant debuffs on targets, crosshealing?
Very nice performance anyway.

Originally Posted by veraticus View Post
That is only true when applied to anything outside of DHC bitemepwe.
Comparing a DHC to a BA shows a fairly large gap.

Base figures for a MkXII:
220 DPV
176 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII DBB:
287 DPV
229 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII Cannon:
159 DPV
212 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII DC:
192 DPV
256 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII DHC:
384 DPV
256 DPS

What'd I like to see is an upgrade to array damage to look something like these.

Base figures for a MkXII BA:
260 DPV
200 DPS

Base figures for a MkXII HBA:
400 DPV
200 DPS
(Would be fore mounted only and have a 200 degree arc)
Even at the moment, a Tac with a dedicated dps build, flying a 50$ (actually 75$, the 180? Quantum ...) brick build for dps ... is already far into Escort territory dps-wise - and that's a beam-boat!
Not to mention that there's the Dreadnought and the D'Kora, which are both full Battle-Cruisers available to the Federation.

Your "buffed" BA would put that 75$ brick at the top of the dps-charts, while still out-tanking every escort.

Your HBA is just sick - that and a BO3, and you can one-shot people in PvP. Completely broken and imbalanced.

What's wrong with you guys?