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10-06-2012, 11:45 AM
It shouldn't be about punishing people who decide to go afk (for whatever reason).
It shouldn't be about designing parameters to assess if people are contributing against a meter.
It shouldn't be about having to run in private groups to eek out a measure of quality gameplay.

It should be about a group's consensus to kick a player as they see fit in line with a set of restrictions.
I agree with this. Cryptic seems to go out of their way to make this game a single players dream, but STFs and Fleet actions are about the TEAM. If a player is afk then they should be kicked so another useful player can take their place. Most online games have it....hell Quake at it back in the day.

Problem with that though...there is some bad players that will just get kicked out of teams. You know...those rainbow cruiser guys that put out so little DPS they probably had to work at it to make a build that bad. They won't get any sympathy though....they are just as bad as AFKs in my opinion.