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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Even at the moment, a Tac with a dedicated dps build, flying a 50$ (actually 75$, the 180? Quantum ...) brick build for dps ... is already far into Escort territory dps-wise - and that's a beam-boat!
Not to mention that there's the Dreadnought and the D'Kora, which are both full Battle-Cruisers available to the Federation.

Your "buffed" BA would put that 75$ brick at the top of the dps-charts, while still out-tanking every escort.

Your HBA is just sick - that and a BO3, and you can one-shot people in PvP. Completely broken and imbalanced.

What's wrong with you guys?
Chill out Flekh, yeesh.

It wouldn't out dps Escorts. It would be a 444 standard dps increase over a 4 beam fore loadout.

With a 400 DPV and a 200 DPS thats a very slow cycle rate of fire. Hits hard yes, but not very quickly. In fact it would be the slowest cycle of any energy weapon in the game right now.

And the DPS number on mine is still the second to lowest value in the game for energy weapons. Even remains below DBB numbers. But allowing it to hit hard means a feeling of meaningful contribution. And it allows a beamboat to have a better peak potential than it does now. And it doesn't compare to an Escorts better on demand, and passive, peak burst potential so I don't see an issue there.

In PvP, from what I understand, Escorts are able to pick and choose what shield facing they would like to target. So having an already capable Escort players have to attack from a rear quarter or just the rear of a Cruiser, wouldn't be that mean of a feat.
This would also be available to both factions not just one or the other.

And the Dreadnought that you have described to me is one that uses DHC not arrays so...
He would likely continue to use DHC's if he is wanting exclusively high DPS output all the time. The HBA would allow a typical Cruiser pilot flexibility without being a sitting sponge.

Yes BO as a whole would have to be tweaked for ANY new beam weapons.
Or you could introduce a new sub-set of array powers.

FAW(HBA) remains basically the same but has a shorter duration and increases energy drain by 1 per shot.
BO(HBA) again remains basically the same but puts out a greatly diminished % number vs its regular counterpart.

Doing that would create a new playstyle that retains all of the basic advantages and disadvantages as before.

What kind of numbers are you seeing DPS wise from Tac Captains in 75$ bricks?
So far no-one has been able to give me a real number. Supposedly their aren't any good Tac/Cruiser Captains either. Best I've seen from anyone on here concerning a Cruiser is 5,000-5,500 range and thats using a D'Kora or Regeant, both are ships that wouldn't see much of a change in numbers from what they are putting out right now.

So it would seem that the gap would be reduced from 3,000 DPS down to roughly 1,000-1,500 DPS and that's running every possible DPS/Damage increasing BOff ability that they can. So the durability/tankiness of those ships is already greatly reduced.

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