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Originally Posted by ericandrewross View Post
KDF Exclusive Ship Weapons:
Plasma-Disruptor Beam Array (Second Star On The Right...)
Plasma-Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannon (Second Star On The Right...)

Fed Exclusive Ship Weapons:
Plasma Beam Array (Project Nightengale)
Plasma Dual Beam Bank (Project Nightengale)
Plasma Dual Heavy Cannon (Project Nightengale)
Plasma Torpedo Launcher (Project Nightengale)
Chroniton Torpedo Launcher (Ghost Ship)
Tetryon Beam Array (Trapped)
Tetryon Dual Beam Bank (Trapped)
Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannon (Trapped)

The Federation has three times as many missions with 4 times as many free weapons options as the KDF... how about a bit of fairness.
Well thats messed up as all Grethor.
Plenty of ideas for KDF unique weapons and equipment have been given the Devs.......

I agree with the OP this is a unfairness.
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