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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I never said that difference did not exist between a single beam array and a dual heavy cannon in dammage.
The DBB is meant to be the "big" beam weapon in comparison to the DHC.
Slightly lower damage for a wider firing arc. It does fall short in comparison.

How about opening the DBB to 180 degree firing arc and instead making the proposed Heavy Beam array a DHC level damage weapon with its firing cyle and a 90 degree firing arc?

Then a new Beam BOff ability that basically CRF for beams set-up for tiers 1 to 3.

Of course would only fair to create a cannon version of beam overload as well.
It does indeed, lol.
I would like at least a 200 degree arc so that Cruisers/Battlecruisers aren't completely gimped once you get past that 180 mark and all they have left are an inferior turn rate and 4 inferior weapon placements.

I kind of look at FAW as the counterpart to CSV & CRF.
Its an ability that increases your rate of fire(CRF) and functions as an AoE(CSV).

Maybe a Concentrate Fire Power 1 through 3???
And drop BO imo.
Say they did either create an HBA or input your idea for the DBB, BO does get out of hand.
And imo, its already a tad to far into the semi worthless side of things.