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10-06-2012, 01:29 PM
I have every sci ship possible and I love my nebula the most.

I recently swapped to the polarized disruptor beams and tykens rift III and saw a nice improvement in performance and support in everything. With tykens III, you will shut down anything it hits in STFs, and the combination of the disruptor and polarized debuff you keep the target weak and resist debuffed. Combine it with a group of escorts and you will mow down any STF with ease. Yes I know I do more damage with my HEC escort, but I feel I help my team more in my nebula(that is unless I get in a stf with 2 other sci ships).

My key skills are tykens, warp plasma. Everything else is a mix of shield and hull heals. Still working on the right shield/engine/deflector combo. I have them all. Testing omega and its tetryon glider currently.
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