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10-06-2012, 02:02 PM
This is my build, but with a science captain.

For weapons:
front: polaron beam array, photon torpedo, transphasic torpedo
rear: polaron beam array, plasma torpedo, hargh'peng torpedo

For deflector, shields and engines i'm still using non set items.
Deflector with flow capacitor and particle generator bonuses.

Eng: rcs accelerator - neutronium alloy - plasmonic leech
sci: borg console - particle generator - flow capacitor x2 (or flow capacitor and rule 62 console)
tac: warhead yield chamber x2

I use 2 projectile weapons doffs and 3 technicians. Or 3 and 2 depending on the situation.

The beam arrays are for target subsystems and leech.
The different type of torpedoes don't share cool-downs, just the one second in between each launch. I can fire the front torpedoes, turn around and fire the other two. And when the projectile doffs proc I can fire a photon almost every second, that's why I use them in front.

The technicians doffs are for aux to battery. 30% lower cool-down on boff abilities with 3 purple quality doffs.

Tractor beam repulsors for cubes when their shield are down or when aux to battery takes me down to 5 auxiliary power. Very little repulsion, lots of kinetic damage.

I find it is a very good drain build with a lot of kinetic damage. Great for team play, not so much for soloing.

At least I like it.